Monday, October 3, 2011

A-Z Getting to Know Me tag

So, I'm stealing this from Sally who stole it from Hayley from the blog Fish Flakes (I apologize, I do not have Hayley's link.)  Note:  I changed one or two of the questions.

A.  Age--  Thirteen.  Well, thirteen and a half-- my birthday is in April.

B.  Bed size--  Twin.  My room couldn't hold a bigger bed if I wanted to keep all the stuff I currently have in there.  

C.  Chore that you hate--  I don't like the dishes, especially when you're loading them.  It just is gross.  Blech.

D.  Dogs--  One, formerly two.  My current dog is named Milo.  He's a white havanese and he will be three years old... tomorrow, actually.  we named him after the main character in the book, The Phantom Tollbooth.

E.  Essential start to your day--  Shower.  If I don't take a shower in the morning (unless I had a sport the night before, when I would have taken a shower) I feel gross until I do.

F.  Favorite color-- Probably purple, but maybe silver or a light gray.

G.  Gold or silver?--  Silver, definitely.

H.  Height-- 5'0.  I'm short.

I.  Instruments you play--  I used to play violin, but I haven't since fourth grade.

J.  Job title--  Aspiring author?  Middle school student?  Eh.  Both.

K.  Kids?-- Maybe.  

L.  Live-- USA.

M.  Mother's Name--  Let's call her T.

N.  Nicknames--  Hmmm... Sofie.  Ofie.  Ofiasay (yes, I am called this.)  A few others I can't think of.  Oh, and Purplewolf reminded me (I know IRL) of a friend who calls me Couch.

O.  Overnight hospital stays--  More than I can count, due to being in the ICU for six weeks at age two.  So let's just say-- a lot.  (However, I think the last time I had an overnight hospital stay was when I was four and almost cracked my chin open...)

P.  Pet peeve--  I have several, but at the moment, I can't think of any.  However, I will probably have several posts full of ranting about pet peeves, knowing me.

Q.   Quotes from a movie/TV show--  Anything from Doctor Who.  But especially-- "The angels have the phone box.  That's my favorite!  I've got that on a t-shirt!"

R.  Righty or lefty?-- Righty.  :)

S.  Siblings--  One.  She's nineteen and in college, and despite our age difference, we're pretty close.

T.  Time you wake up--  School days, 6:15.  Weekends, generally between 7:30 and 8:00.

U.  Umbrellas?--  Where I live, despite the fact that it rains (quite often, actually), no one ever really uses umbrellas.  Which is strange.

V.  Vegetables you hate-- Peppers.  I can't stand them.

W.  What makes you run late?--  Forgetting stuff.  

X.  X-Ray's you've had--  Uhh... none since I was a baby, I don't think.  However, I do have yearly Echocardiograms (sp?) on my heart.  

Y.  Yummy food you like to make--  Umm....  cookies?  I dunno, I don't really cook very much...

Z.  Zoo animal--  Elephants.  As stated in the first post, I will often randomly say, "Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant."

If you read all that, I congratulate you.  Feel free to take it-- I'd love to see your answers.  

The Dandy Lioness


  1. Yes, I did! Thanks for reminding me! And, actually, it's Couch. :P

  2. I think Sofa works with your name a whole lot better!

  3. The Phantom Tolbooth is a great book! Though I haven't read it in a while . . .

    I love your nicknames. :)

    Great tag!

  4. I know, I love that book. I haven't read it for three years now though. Hmmm...

    I love my nicknames too :) My friends are always coming up with strange/unusual nicknames for each other, and I am not excluded from this :P