Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet Eilidh


What's your name?
Eilidh Tormulous.  *E-lid Tor-mu-lus*

I'm in my twenties.  Young for an elf.

Any family?
Just Alek, my younger brother.

I am elvish.

Favorite weapon?
Tequi sticks, javelin, sword, bow and arrow...

That's more than one.  So, pick one.
Tequi, I suppose.

What are tequi sticks?
Small, needle like swords, with a very secret training practice.  You can only learn from the master swordsmen at the Caves of Elder.

(I don't have the laptop with me, so I'm not positive about the spelling of tequi...)


Best friends-- have you got any?
Princess Margaux, probably.
Eilidh, call me 'princess' one more time, and you'll find snakes in your bed.
I apologize, Margaux.  My best friend would be Margaux.

Sometimes.  When I'm sent somewhere, I go.

Recent traveling companions?
Margaux, my brother Alek, Margaux's cousin Oliver, my cousin Charlotte (who can be downright snobby sometimes, even if she is a good fighter.) and the sisters Tess and Arianna, who aren't actually from Eristora.  They just appeared and tagged along.  They're from someplace called "America".

Do you believe in love at first sight?
No.  Love is something that can't just "appear" when you see someone.  You have to know them.

What do other characters say about you?
That I'm smart, fast, and a bit hard on everyone.  They tell me I'm too sarcastic, and that I need to lighten up on everyone.

Righty or lefty?
I'm ambidextrous, meaning I can write with both hands.  But originally a lefty.

Organized or disorganized?
Organized.  Generally.  Sometimes I'm disorganized.

Favorite season?

Favorite animal?
I generally leave the animal-ing to Margaux (who can speak to them, through a connection that many of the women in her family have) but I like horses.

What does your handwriting look like?  And do others think it is readable?
I have slanted, skinny handwriting.  Some find it easy to read, others find it slightly messy and hard to read.  It all depends on the person.

Favorite weather?
A clear, cool autumn morning with the leaves still on the trees.

Do you have a favorite color of clothing?
I generally stick to blues, greens and browns, but when I'm being extravagant, I love to wear a silver dress.  So, silver, probably.


Do others find you simple and elegant or flashy and glamorous?  
Simple and elegant, I would presume.  I tend to stay away from jewels, if I can.  I will wear perhaps a pendant around my neck now and then, but generally I do not.

Do you have any dreams or goals for the future?
I hope to restore Margaux and Nikolas to their rightful places of royalty in Eristora.  At the moment, that is all I am concentrating on.

What's your biggest secret?
Do you really think I would tell you that?

Well, I was hoping...

More than I care to elaborate on.

Where were you born?
Like my mother, father and brother, I was born into a small elvish community about two days ride from the Caves of Elder.  However, when I was about six my family moved to the Caves of Elder to be closer to our extended family there.

Are you humorous?  If so, how?
Well, I'm rather sarcastic...

Are you naturally curious?

How do you battle?  (As in, stay to the sides, get into the middle of things, help anyone who needs it, etc.)
I definitely get right into the thick of things, but if I can I help anyone nearby.

Alright, that's the end of this.  Did you enjoy this questionare?
Ahem.  Need I remind you that you just told me I was done?  And Sofia, you said this would be short.


  1. Great interview!

    Those sound like dangerous swords . . . :P

  2. Especially with a girl like Eilidh wielding them. I certainly wouldn't want to get on her bad side. And thanks!

    The Dandy Lioness (on my other account, too lazy to switch)