About Me

Here in blog-world my name is the Dandy Lioness, but in reality, they call me Sofia.  I've been lurking around blogger for almost two years now, and finally decided to give the actual blog-writing aspect of it a go.  I'm fourteen years old.  I have blonde hair and brown eyes, and I'm only about 5'0.  I love boots, but I only have one pair.  My Converse are well-loved, and so are my books.  I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and if you give me a good book, I'll read it in a day.  I love photography (but don't really take pictures myself) and travel.  I've been to Europe several times, and Hawaii too.  I go to a public school, which, to be honest, I don't particularly like.  I'm in the eighth grade.  I've done NaNoWriMo twice, and won both times.  I do Irish dance and gymnastics.  I tend to fangirl over Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and whatever other current obsessions I talk about all time.  I quite like tea, and both chai (obviously) and Earl Gray, are my current favorites.  I adore Thai food and sushi, and anything that has to do with Britain. Thanks for stopping by!

The Dandy Lioness