Thursday, September 5, 2013

Starting Again

And so, school has begun again.

Some new things have happened in my life. I'm a sophomore now, for one. For another, I ordered a new laptop that was delivered today, so I'm typing this from a ~brand new laptop~ which is all nice and shiny and tiny and I love it a whole lot. I have all new teachers and classes, except for my French teacher, who was our student teacher last year.

It's been nice to see my friends again, to give tackle hugs and exchange laughter, and bring up inside jokes from last year. It's interesting to see the dynamic that people have with freshman when you aren't a freshman. Last year, I didn't really notice the whole "unloved freshman" idea, but I have definitely noticed the upperclassman saying "I don't like them at all, ugh!"

My friends and I already have plans to go to the Homecoming game, but also decided that we don't want to actually go to the dance, and will probably stay home and watch TV together. (Which, knowing us, will include lots of giggling and way too much sugar.)

Even though my friends and I didn't really see too much of each other over the summer (other than the occasional get-together with one or two of us, and then one party, I didn't really see any of them), we immediately clicked back together as if we hadn't just spent two months apart, which was super lovely. Homework has already started up again, even though school only started yesterday, but that wasn't much of a surprise. Really, it's mostly slips for parents to sign and lab fees for various classes, but there is a nine page math packet I need to finish by Monday.

I wasn't ready to go back to school, and then I was, and then I wasn't again, and now I'm back at school and I don't know how I feel about that. Friends are nice. Homework and tests and teachers already talking about essays? Not so nice. But I know that I'm stuck with this for another ten months, so I really shouldn't decide I hate it on day two.

The Dandy Lioness*
*Due to the fact that I just got this laptop three hours ago, there are no photos in this post, because I haven't transferred my files yet. That'll change soon, but for the moment, this is one big empty computer, so you lovelies will have to deal without any pictures for a little bit...
Okay, really, with my track record it's quite likely that by the time I actually post again, this laptop will be fully updated and everything, but y'know. Whatever. Thought I'd let you know.