Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Simple Joys of Life


I'm reading my SIGNED copy of Goliath at the moment.  Don't know what Goliath is?  It's the third and final book in the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld.  I got to go to an author reading by him.  If he's in your area, and you've read his books (which you should either go buy or order from the library) you should most definitely go and see him.  He's hilarious, and awesome.  He also apologized to me for killing me on page one of Leviathan,  (Alek's mother is named Sophie,) which was cool.  But he's a great public speaker, and I definitely encourage you to go see him if he's in your area.

I spent much of today either in the car, or at my grandmother's house.  We're getting ready for the memorial service tomorrow, and though I didn't actually do anything, I played with my baby cousins (ages 6, 4 and 8 months) and acted as baby sitter for my aunt-- who actually had productive stuff to do.


And now, I'm sitting here on my couch, staring out my darkened window, waiting for my mother to tell me it's time to go.  Go where?  To pick up my sister for her fall break.  Which, sadly, will start off with my grandfather's memorial service.  In fact, her flight is supposed to come in in exactly one hour.

The trees here are changing, for real now.  Their beautiful red and orange leaves haven't yet begun to wither and die, and fall from the trees, and I'm grateful.  I'm grateful that the frost hasn't yet begun to collect in the mornings, and that I don't have to wear my North Face to school.  I'm grateful that Halloween decorations have begun to grace the doors of homes, and that talk of Halloween costumes fills my lunch table every day.  I'm grateful we still have beautifully sunny days inserted between the gray and the rain.  I'm grateful for the chance to meet several of my favorite authors, as their fall tours begin.


So I'm marveling in the simple beauty of early autumn.  I'm rejoicing in the fact that I can wear boots and jeans, and long sleeved shirts, without needing my warm jacket.  I'm smiling at the fact fact that authors are visiting my city.  And I have to notice, I have to be grateful, I have to take these things in, because I'm sad.  I'm sad my grandfather died, and his memorial service is tomorrow.  So I'm rejoicing in the beauty of life, and taking it all in.  Because life is short, and the teenage years are even shorter, and now the sky has darkened to remind me that the days are getting shorter.  So take life one step at a time, and as you go, take notice in the little things.  

The Dandy Lioness