Thursday, October 6, 2011

Homework Ranting-- You Probably Don't Want to Read This

That tiredness you get at the end of the day has descended upon me-- make that the almost-end of the week.  Since I got home from school today I haven't done much but homework and dance.  I think the tiredness descended about 7:00.  I was just so exhausted from everything.  Difficult math homework (symmetry and translations... bleh.  As Purplewolf knows all too well, I am not the best at understanding math concepts.) an hour and a half of dance, studying for a huge geography test tomorrow, and a vocab test-- for the same teacher.

I just want the week to be over.  I want it to be Friday afternoon.  I want to be the weekend.  This has been a long-- and by long, I mean long-- week for me.  My grandfather died last Saturday, and this whole week has been exhausting.  I'm ready for it to be Saturday night, when my sister comes home for Fall break from college.  I'm ready for tomorrow morning, when I find a new book to read at school (I finished City of Bones-- it was quite good.)  I'm ready for it to be tomorrow afternoon, when there will be a new Vlogbrothers video up on YouTube.  I'm ready to not spend every waking second at school, or doing homework.

Why do teachers always seem to give their tests on the same week?  Last week was my big test week-- a math standardized, a math regular test, vocab (we have them weekly... blah.), science.  I know I had another as well-- geography, perhaps?  This week I've had another standardized (language arts, this time) test, a big French monument test, I retook the science test (because I made stupid mistakes and wanted my grade to go up), and then tomorrow the geography and vocab test.  I look forward to the days of less tests... will those days ever come???  Will I be able to do NaNo next month????  Ah!  I hope so!  I love NaNoWriMo, and I really want to do it again.

I apologize.  This has been mostly ranting, and complaining.  But I was at that point where I just wanted to throw my pencil down and walk away-- and I can't do that.  I have to study for my geography test tomorrow.  I have to study for my vocab test tomorrow.  I just had to let out steam.  So now, I feel a bit more relaxed.  Maybe I can actually work now.  But maybe not.  So... sorry about this.  Sorry if you read it.  You probably just wasted three minutes, or however long it took you to read this.  Mostly, it's just a way for me to rant.

The (Not-So) Dandy Lioness

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