Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pinch of This, A Dash of That

*shuffles feet*

Hey there, guys...

It's been a while...

NaNoWriMo starts in FOUR DAYS.  FOUR!

Can you believe that?

I finally got my title today (it was between "Shattered Clockwork" and "Between the Lies" and I chose "Shattered Clockwork") after having had my plot for a week or two.  I'm quite excited actually.  I also made my cover today:

{The cover to my NaNo12, with my preferred pen name on it.}

It's fantasy, of course, and has princesses and castles, and lies and winged lions and man, I'm excited about it.

I've been crazy-busy recently.  I've finished my TARDIS costume!  Well, I finished it about two weeks ago, but I haven't posted since then...  I'm really quite excited about it, and I got to wear it to a Halloween carnival last night.  Only adults recognized it, (the carnival was at my old elementary school), but still, some people recognized it!  (Also, I am going trick-or-treating this year-- I'm only fourteen, that's not too old to go!)  I've also made a lot more nerdy manatees since I last posted-- I've now got three TARMISes, a Black Widow, the Impala from Supernatural, and a Sea Cow (it's white with black spots) that I've named Shindig in honor of Firefly.

I have laryngitis at the moment, so I can't actually talk at all.  I spent the day watching Supernatural and an episode of Classic Doctor Who and then I went to see a French film with my mom.

Basically, this is just an update to tell you that I'm sorry I haven't posted more, that I'll try to, and that OHMYGOODNESS NANOWRIMO.

Are you guys doing NaNoWriMo?  What are you doing for Halloween?  Do you craft at all?

The Dandy Lioness

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Year

Yesterday I posted "366 Days" as a tribute to the one-year anniversary of my grandfather's death.

The day after he died, I created this blog.  It was on an impulse-- I'd been following the blogworld for years, but I'd never had one of my own.  So I created this little blog.

I'm sorry I haven't posted recently-- school is crazy, Tumblr has kind of taken over my life, dance and gymnastics started up again... basically, life just happened.

Anyways, I've been meaning to post for days-- I can't believe it's been three whole weeks!  I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted, loves!  Yesterday gave me an excuse, and I knew that today I couldn't just not post.

Anyways, can you believe that it's been a whole year that I've been running this blog?

And now... for some stats!

11,296 pageviews.
103 posts.
The most popular post ever is a post entitled "Happy Girls are the Prettiest."  It has 374 pageviews.  The funny thing is, is that it has no comments, but it has over 100 more pageviews than any other post.
The next most popular is "Why I Look Up to Ginny Weasley" with 232 pageviews.  Following that is "Wibbely-Wobbely-Timey-Wimey Knitting" with 117 pageviews.
The entry into Google that has gained me the most pageviews is "Who from Whoville", which probably led people to my blog because of my Who Halloween costume last year.  If anyone is curious, my costume this year is the TARDIS.  I've got almost everything ready, and it's only the second of the month.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

I've had people visit my blog from all the way across the world!  That's the thing about the internet-- you never know who will find your blog, where they could be from.

So.  One year of blogging.  That's a pretty major milestone, I'd say.

And, as sporadic as my posts have been, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

The Dandy Lioness

Monday, October 1, 2012