Friday, October 21, 2011

The Promised Rain Is Coming

Hello!  I've been rather MIA in the last few days-- sorry about that.

I came up with a NaNo idea however, and I'm hoping I'll be able to do lots of fun stuff with it.  I've spent lots of time on Pinterest, trying to come up with character ideas etc.

Yesterday I got my dance jacket (it has my dance school logo on the back, and it's name) and it's black and white and has my name on it (and it's not a pullover, which is nice, as I prefer zipped jackets.)  I don't really know what to talk about.  It's just kind of... bleh.

I'm looking out the window at a little boy and his parents playing in my neighbor's leaves.  It's very cute.  The little boy is just so happy to be playing with those leaves.  But looking out my window is awkward, because I have to crane my neck and look down and over the couch, and it's sort of like it's taking extra effort, and if the person outside saw you, they would know you were watching them.  Oh.  They're gone now.

The promised rain is coming.  You can tell.  As I was walking home from school today, a light, misting drizzle came and settled over the neighbor hood like a blanket.  And I knew.  The promised rain is coming.  Maybe even arrived.  Fall here is wet, and cold.  But I love it.  The leaves are falling, the coats are coming out, and jeans and boots are back in style.  I know in a few weeks I'll be complaining about the cold, and by winter, I'll be reminiscing about spring, and wondering how I could possibly be happy about fall.  But for now, I'm happy.  NaNoWriMo's just around the corner, and so is Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The holiday season is descending upon us, and it makes me smile.  The weekend after Thanksgiving (as in, two days/one day, whatever, after Thanksgiving) I'll be heading to my friend's cabin for the weekend, and I'm hoping to get a chance to work on my NaNo there...  And we're getting our Christmas tree, and just hanging out.  I think this will be the fifth year we've done this.  Give or take a couple years.

Oh!  What are you guys being for Halloween?  I'm being a Who.  From Whoville.  And Luna Lovegood/PurpleWolf, you can't answer this.  I know you're being Wendy.  I'm totally going to stick out when I'm trick-or-treating with our friends.  I'll be the only non-Peter-Pan themed person.  Go Dr. Seuss!  But to anyone else-- what are you being?


  1. I'm Luna Lovegood. Purple Wolf was a rather lame name.

  2. We usually put up our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, too--sometimes the day after.

    Not dressing up for Halloween . . . I haven't done that in years. :P