Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Word Used High and Low

There's a word in every language
A word that you should know
A word that means you're friendly
A word used high and low.
Though the way to say it varies.
Most everywhere you go.
Its meaning never changes
And that word is...

Hello!  Sorry I've been MIA-- life's been a bit crazy around here.

Yesterday I hung out with one of my friends (E.  Well.  One of the Es.  I have... three?  Four?  I think three.  So,  yes, one of the Es.) yesterday, and L, and we filmed our TV Production movie.  It was kind of crazy.  Especially the random clip of the three of us singing Mamma Mia songs...

My sister and I made delicious apple cider cookies stuffed with caramel, and she made an apple pie, and so we've had lots of delicious deserts around here.  I love it when my sister is home, because we have real food, and homemade baked goods.

I've been researching airships for my (hopeful) NaNoWriMo.  Sadly, out of our twenty-seven public libraries, only one of them has any books about airships, and you can only actually check out two, out of about fifteen. But I got both of those on hold, and hopefully they'll get here soon.  Actually, I just checked my account, and they're there now.  Which makes me happy.  I'll probably end up copying a bunch of pages out of them and pinning them up around my room and frantically checking them for airship anatomy (anatomy?  Is that the right word?)  I'm super excited about this (hopeful) project-- anything with airships makes me super excited.  Props to Evergreena (Rachel) for introducing me to Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, who wrote the first airship book I ever read.

It was a four-day week this week, so I'm done for the week.  Now all I have is dance in 45 minutes, and possibly going to E's house with a bunch of friends, and I'm done for the day.  Oh, and the Thursday Night Lineup.  (Which is Community and the Office.  We used to watch the other shows, but really that's all I like now.)

So, yes.  Hello.  I have returned.  I'm going to go watch Vlogbrothers videos now.  And yes.  I'm a Nerdfighter.  DFTBA.

Lyrics at the top are from the Hello song.

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  1. I like the lyrics. :)

    I think the first airship book I read was Airborn, too.