Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day 2011

Today, I'm posting about Blog Action Day 2011.

Kind of tying this post together with my Sevenly post yesterday, Blog Action Day 2011 is about food.  Yesterday, in my Sevenly post, I talked about how I had bought a Let Kenya Rise tee from Sevenly. The Let Kenya Rise t-shirts, donate $7 of your purchase to people in Kenya so they can eat, and have farming seed.  I am glad to have, even with just $7, have contributed ever so slightly.  But right now, I'm going to talk about my strangest food experiences.

Funnily enough, most of them happened in France.  There was the escargot dare-- yes, I did eat escargot.  Then there was the rabbit, and pigeon.  When I first tried those, I didn't know what they were, I promise you.  They only told me later.  But when I went back to France, over the summer, I did end up eating both rabbit, and pigeon, voluntarily.  Also, lots of sausage, due to the fact that Polish relatives were staying with our friends the last week we were.

I've grown up to be a bit of a food snob.  My sister and parents all enjoy cooking, and interesting food-- so I grew up with all sorts of different cultures of food.  Thai, Indian, Mexican, French, Italian, seafood of well... most types, we can have all of these in a month.  I especially like pad Thai.  I always have.  For Indian food, I like naan.  Mexican (what we had last night) varies on my mood-- I like most everything.  French and Italian I will eat most everything (though there are certain things that I absolutely refuse to touch).  Seafood... I  like crab and shrimp, but not most types of fish.

Pad Thai  


I have been lucky.  I hope all of you have been as lucky as I have, to have had many food experiences and have never felt the power of famine for yourself.  But think about those people who have, maybe find a charity and donate a little money, maybe buy a Let Kenya Rise tee from Sevenly.  

Now, go up and click on the Blog Action Day 2011 link I have at the top of the post, and go to the participants page, and read what other people have to say about Blog Action Day.  

The Dandy Lioness