Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is my Writer's Block

It is what I throw at the wall when I can't think of anything.  And by that, I mean the imaginary wall in my head blocking me from getting at all my good ideas.  It only sometimes works.

So, let's talk about writing.

Last summer (as in, not this summer that just passed, but the summer before that,) I started writing something.  It wasn't serious-- it was just for fun.  It was about talking wolves, who lived in packs and who were trying to get around all their serious issues with each other.  You know, basic talking animal story.  I got to fifteen thousand words that summer.  I was amazed, and thought that was like, a million words, or something.  I began to seriously consider the idea of me becoming an author.

Over the last... seven? years, my friend Olivia (who I love dearly and have known forever) and I started this story.  It all started because we thought there weren't enough girls in Harry Potter.  Now, don't get me wrong.  We both love Harry Potter.  However, were ages six (me) and eight (her) and we thought there just weren't enough girls.  Sure, there was Hermione, and Ginny, and Luna who were all pretty cool.  But really, who else was there?  So we set out to write our own version-- with girls.  Now, since that day at her grandmother's house, seven years ago, our story-- GP-- has blossomed into our little world.  We work on it every time we're together.  Now, it may be true that we're only a few chapters into book one (I would check, but it's on my personal email, not here, so I'm too lazy to save, go check, log back on, and continue writing this post.  So let's say around six chapters?  Five?  Seven?) but we've been working on it for seven years.  Sure, the first five or so, mostly included us playing GP games... but we loved it.  It is our baby.  And that was my first big writing project (though, technically, she's doing most of the writing.  I mostly pitch ideas, and she writes them out.)

Then, in October 2010, I learned she was doing NaNoWriMo.  I checked it out, and thought it sounded pretty cool.  So, I tried it out, and, despite the fact that I was aiming for 30,000, hit the goal of 50,000.  That's my story China Roses, which is currently in the phase where I'm supposed to start heavy editing, but find the idea terrifying, so I'm putting it off.

This summer, I finished my wolf story.  It is not a novel-- it's only about 20,000 words-- so I dubbed it "The Un-named Wolf Novella".  It's currently in "editing".  (Which, for me, is mostly just fixing small errors until I can give it to someone who can read it and tell me all the things I have to fix.  Also, figuring out all the characters-- I have about fifty characters that I keep forgetting about-- I have a long list that is currently keeping my place in the manuscript.  Also, huge plot holes I have to fix.  Hehe.  Rafi, I promise I'll figure out your family issues.  I just have to, you know, not forget about you... again.)  I'm avoiding that too.  I really hate re-reading my work.  

Also this summer, I started work on a story about "super-natural" people.  Mostly witches and warlocks, but they're all teenagers and living in this big house.  That got abandoned however, when I got bored of the plot (it started going really wonky... maybe I'll pick it up again someday.)  It was maybe 8,000 words when I got bored.  Possibly more.

Now, at the moment, I'm about 19,000 words into a new WIP.  It is title-less, and mostly plot-less, but I like it-- though I haven't worked on it in several days.  I have to get around to doing that.  I started it this summer and have been writing in fits and spurts.  I might do some "Meet the Character" posts for it, or maybe one of the others.  But probably this WIP, since I have pictures of many of the characters.

I consider myself to be a writer.  I will always think of myself as a writer, even if I'm an accountant, or a teacher (which I would never be.  I just couldn't deal with it all.  Especially middle school students.  HOW do those teachers survive??????) or a photographer or a web designer.  I will be a writer.  It's part of who I am.  And, if I tried to stop ideas would start leaking out of my ears or something equally drastic.  So... I write.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. I have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" eraser! I like how you said you will always be a writer, so, you wrote.

  2. I think that I like "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" more, though.

  3. Thanks! I like it too. I also want to find some sort of writing button for my sidebar.