Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Pinch of Doctor Who, a Dash of Sherlock, and a Cup of Intense Boredom

Hello all!  How have you been?

I'm on mid-winter break at the moment, which, so far, has been rather unproductive.  The amount of TV and movies I've watched is both astounding and embarrassing.  I've listened to music some, and written some.  I've eaten a lot of chocolate, and not seen any of my friends.  I know.  I should be productive.  But I've not been.  I spent this morning on Doctor Who doodles, and watching Doctor Who and Merlin.  So... hi.

This is one of my Doctor Who doodles-- sorry it's bad quality, it's a cellphone picture, and I was too lazy to actually a) watermark it, or b) take it with an actual good-quality camera.  But I had fun with it, so, whatever.

I'm glad to know that you guys liked my Velociraptor post-- I had tons of fun with it.  I hadn't really just done a silly little piece of writing like that in ages, so it was really fun to play with.

Of course, though I continue to spend ages on the internet, in the last few days, it has been so slow.  I've had to restart my computer, refresh things five times... it's not a pretty situation.  However, I prevail, for I seem to be determined to waste my entire break on the internet, and not do anything.

Okay.  Now I'm going just a tad stir crazy.  And no one seems to be around.  This post is crazy and jumping around, and I don't even know if I'll post it.  And my internet's being lousy again, and just... I'm so bored, guys.  So bored.

I'm just so bored, guys.  I just... arg.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. hey, when you're bored, nothing better than to watch the Dr. and i loved that episode of sherlock where he was bored! i gotta get caught up on that show!

  2. As another person who seems determined to waste most of their time on the internet, I feel your pain. :( (February break is always vaguely torturous... )

  3. Sorry to hear about your internet. It's so annoying when it doesn't work right.

    I hope you find something isn't boring!

  4. I never get bored. Too many books to read, too many blogs to visit, too many chores that need done, too much baking I want to experiment with, too many miles to jog or walk....

  5. It sounds like your cup runneth over with the blahs! So, this was Tuesday's post? You know what I was doing Tuesday? The same thing I'm doing Thursday, and most likely the same thing I will be doing Friday. Lying on my back with a stitch in my neck. Not the literal kind. It's more of a kink that will not go away without heat and ice therapy. The kind of kink that will send me to the ER if I don't listen to my mother. Yes. I am 43 (she says out loud and proud) years old and I STILL LISTEN TO MY MOTHER.

    I suggest, in all of my infinite wisdom, that you find yourself a REALLY good book to read. Have you tried the 'Outlander' series? Wait. 13 right? Neva-mind. What about the Hunger Games? I've been wanting to read those! It's on my list. OR... you could post a stop-action video of your own making. I've seen some really fun ones. My kids do those occasionally. LOVE it! OR... you could count how many times you can hop on one foot in... let's say... 5 minutes? Too long? How 'bout one? Bored yet? *g*

    I hear ya. I am too. Back to Star Trek Next Generation reruns of reruns and The Dog Whisperer. I sure wish someone would bring me a nice Big Fat Coke.

    Peace out, Lioness

  6. Scarlett: I had a stitch in my neck like that a couple of weeks ago. It was miserable. I just watched a whole lot of Gilmore Girls and Doctor Who. :)

    I have read the Hunger Games. They're quite good, if a bit gory. In fact, I just wrote a short fanfic (195 words) based around it about me and my writing group on NaNoWriMo.

  7. Did you post it? Or... do you *want* to post it, she asks with interest.

    I've never watched Gilmore Girls, but we do watch Parenthood with Lauren Graham. Love that. And I haven't watched Doctor Who in many ages! Probably since the original version when I was about your age.

    I am fascinated by fanfiction. I don't know that I've ever read any. *wink wink*

  8. I love Gilmore Girls to pieces-- my parents and I watched it last year, and for Christmas this year I got the entire series. ;) I love Doctor Who as well, and have many Doctor Who-themed things in my room.

    I like fanfiction as well, though sometimes it can be very, very bad. I did end up posting the fanfic on my writing group, and I may post it here as well. :)

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