Thursday, April 5, 2012

Velociraptors Part Deux

I've been struggling for the past week to write a coherent post.  It hasn't worked.  I wrote one or two yesterday, another the day before, and composed several in my head over the past few days.

But I don't want you guys to think I abandoned you, so here I am.  And to make up for my absence, here's a short story written for you all on the spot, that will likely be terrible.  Be warned, this is over 500 words long, and sort of long.  Enjoy.

The writer hurried down the hallway to her office, keeping her notebook clamped tightly shut.  She burst into the office, and threw the notebook on the ground, and just as its pages began to flutter, slammed her foot down on it.

"Guys, we have a problem," she panted.

"What seems to be the issue?" asked one of the other writers, looking curious.

"We've got another case of them."

"Not again."

"I thought they were gone for good this time!"

The writer nodded.  "They're back.  Well, they want to be.  I've managed to keep them confined.  I just hope we'll be able to contain them."

"Just stick it in the Vault," said one of the other writers, pointing at a heavy, metal door in the wall.

"But my whole novel's in here!" protested the writer, gesturing at the notebook pinned to the ground.

"But you hate writing by hand..." said one of the other writers.

"I was trying to broaden my views, and decided it was okay.  Only..."

"You wrote them in again?"

"It wasn't on purpose!  They were important to the plot!" wailed the writer.

The other writers nodded, understanding.  "I just wish they would stop appearing in your stories.  We always seem to have... issues... with them," said one of the other writers.

The writer nodded, looking miserable.  "What am I supposed to do?  I can't keep the darned thing, or they'll all escape, but I don't want my novel to go into the Vault!"

"Hmm... we could try a careful extraction of all written pages except for the ones with them on them..." mused one writer.

The writer looked hopeful.  "Can we try?"

The other writers nodded slowly, but they all looked nervous.  "If we try this," one of them said, "Are you completely positive you can make them go away, if they get out?"

The writer paused, then nodded slowly.

"Alright then."  

The other writers stood, and walked toward her.  They knelt at her feet.  "When I say 'Now!', you remove your foot," said one of the writers, who had taken charge.  "Then, we'll flip through a few pages, and you'll put your foot down again.  We'll do this until we reach them."

The writer nodded.  "NOW!" shouted the writer in charge.  She lifted her foot, and the pages began to rustle. The other writers quickly began their work.  "And... down!" shouted the one in charge after a moment.  The writer slammed her foot down.

They continued in this fashion for seven or eight more times, until the writer shouted, "STOP!  In one more page, you'll reach them, and they'll get out again."

The other writers quickly ripped out the necessary pages, and then the first writer slammed her foot down again.

The notebook rustled angrily under her foot.  "Now, that thing goes into the Vault," said the writer who'd taken charge.

The writer nodded, and stooped down, to pick up her notebook.  She held it tightly closed, and sighed.  "I did like you, you know," she said.  Then she turned, and faced the others.  "Alright, I'm ready, open the Vault."

The writers moved over to the heavy metal door, and opened a small hatch in the door.  The writer threw her notebook in, and almost immediately heard the angry, frantic screech of the confined animals.


(550 words)


Does a velociraptor post make up for the fact that I didn't post for eight days?  Also, I applaud you if you read this whole thing-- it was kind of long.  

And if you want to read my original velociraptor post, click here.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. Very interesting. I guess I’ll have to read around on your blog for the other velociraptor posts. I’d have to say though… This got me interested. Good job.

  2. This made me laugh, Sofie. :) Very fun piece of writing, I quite liked it.

  3. Wow! I really love this blog. I have a blog too, and am currently on the quest for more followers. It is a writing blog, and I want feedback so badly, on my writing skills, and how to improve. You could help me fulfill my dream by visiting this. :) Please do!

    I am definitely going to follow this blog, but from a different account. The account name is Fira Marine. :) This is awesome!

  4. Hi, there!

    I love your imagination at work, Sophia!

    I get the chills when I recall those shrill screams from the Velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movies! Creeps me out to imagine just how intelligent those creatures may have been.

    So... feeling any better about the all-powerful changes in your life? I hope so! Just remember ~ YOU and You alone hold the key to how you handle what Life throws your way. I have faith in you!

    Love! and Light

  5. Thanks everyone! I had lots of fun writing it. I figured since I was only posting about once a week, I should give you guys something fun to read. ;)