Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That, Just Some Stuff

Hello, lovelies!  Long time no see!


First off, just some randomness.  This post is entirely random and just kind of me rambling and updating you guys on my life.

I want to wish the lovely Mirriam a happy early birthday, as I know it's in the next few days.  So happy birthday Mirriam!  I hope it's wonderful.

Now, I don't have much I actually want to talk about.  I just realized it had been almost a week, and I figured I should post.  No, this has nothing to do with the fact that I don't want to study for my social studies test tomorrow.  Nothing at all.  *whistles*

I'm off spring break now, sadly.  Though this week has been a tad wonky, as we went on a field trip yesterday, and had a two hour early release today.  The next two weeks are standardized testing weeks, meaning my entire school schedule will be wonky for two weeks, and then I'm going on a trip for a week, meaning that my school schedule won't be back to normal for three and a half weeks.  Yikes.  That's close to half the amount of school I have left.  (I have eight weeks, if you're wondering.  We get out on the 22nd of June.  Yes, I realize it's late.  But we also don't start until about a week into September, so we get out way later than most schools.)

I haven't been writing much lately, though my wish to write a spy novel was renewed last night, when I read Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter last night-- it's the fifth Gallagher Girls book, and was very good.  I don't know what it is, but the idea of spies, and boarding schools are two of my favorite things, and teenage girl spies who go to boarding school are just amazing.  Of course, I already have a project I've started, but I think I might have room for a boarding school/spy novel.  Seriously, I don't know what it is about boarding schools, but I just seriously think they're awesome.  Especially when they're in old mansions, and filled with teenage spies.

I actually got the chance to meet Ally Carter, when she went on tour this year, which was very exciting.  That makes my total number of authors seen this school year go up to five.  Which is a number I'm very proud of.  Sadly, I didn't get a signature, as I (shockingly) realized I didn't own any books by her.

I've been reading quite a lot lately-- my final total of books read over spring break was six, which was a number I was very proud of, and for the first six days or so, I managed to read a book a day.  But then I ran out of reading material, and was thrown off my schedule, and started reading Harry Potter again, until I was able to get a new book.

Oh!  I had my birthday party on Saturday, which was very fun.  We made pizza and played capture the flag, and had ice cream sundaes, and watched a movie.  I got a sonic screwdriver from one of my friends, as well, which was very awesome.  It's Eleven's, so it's got the green light, rather than the blue one.  One of my friends was baffled as to why it was called a screwdriver, if it wasn't a screwdriver, and just lit up at the end, and I told her that she had to watch the show, which she just generally thinks is crazy. Which it is, a bit.  But also very good.  The TV show I'm talking about (if you don't already know) is Doctor Who, which is one of my current TV obsessions, and I love very much.  You'll hear me talking about it quite a bit here.

I've gotten quite off track here.  Not that I had a track originally.  It was really just a me-sitting-down-and-writing-something-down kind of post.  Anyways, I'll talk to you soon, lovelies.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. Dr. Who AND my birthday!? Awww, thanks!!!!
    I'm 18 as of tomorrow *squeal* Thank you SO much!!!!!

  2. It's exciting! And of course, birthdays of favorite bloggers are always something to celebrate. ;) And The Doctor is just so fabulous, I had to include him (and his screwdriver) in my post.

  3. Good luck with your tests!

    I agree on boarding schools--there's something fascinating about them. :)

  4. Good luck with that testing. :) Your school schedule sounds a bit insane.

    I liked Ally Carter's books when I read them, I think. (If Ally Carter is who I think she is--sorry, I'm incredibly tired at the moment, and my brain's not working well. [/excuse]) Boarding schools have definitely always held a mysterious allure for me as well. I can list several books involving boarding schools that I adore--Harry Potter and Looking for Alaska are two that come immediately to mind, although I'm fairly sure there's more. Spies, too, send shivers down my back. Have you read the Gilda Joyce series? I read them when I was a bit younger, and I'm not sure I'd like them as much now, but one of the books involved spies. I loved those books.

    Let's be sonic screwdriver buddies. Sonic screwdrivers are cool.

  5. @Eagle: Thanks! And yes, there's just something about boarding schools (especially in books. I feel like in real life they're probably not nearly as interesting,) that's just so... fascinating. Intriguing. There's just so much you can do with them.

    @Mika: Sonic screwdriver buddies! Sonic screwdriver are cool. :P I happen to love Ally Carter's books (obviously), and I can never decide if I like the Heist Society books, or the Gallagher Girl books better. :P Oh, Looking for Alaska is one of my all-time favorites, though just the thought of it makes me want to cry. I recently read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which was quite good as well, though rather easy. But yes, yay for boarding school books! I don't think I have read the Gilda Joyce series, but the name sounds vaugely familiar.