Sunday, December 2, 2012

58,236, And Still Not Finished

My final word count of November, was 58,236.  I wrote about 2,000 words on Friday, determined to have a last "hurrah" of writing, for the month of November.

As you can see, by looking at my stats, for most of November, I was far ahead of the daily word goal, and going up at a steady pace.

But then I wrote 4,000 words in one day, hit 50,000 exactly, and I got, well, a little bit lazy.

But I'm okay with that.  Sure, if I had written every single day afterword, my novel might have ended up longer than it is now, I might even be finished with it.  But I'm okay with not having written every day.  Sometimes, you need a break from NaNoWriMo... and taking that break after you've won is always considerably more beneficial to your word count, then taking it in the middle of the month.

I'm happy with my word count, and, unlike last year, I don't completely hate my story, either.  In fact, I quite like it.  It's not finished yet, and there is certainly still "tweaking" to be done to everything, but all in all, I like it.  It's not terrible like last year's (which I will not go into detail about, but really, it was terrible,) which makes me happy.

This is the first year that I haven't finished my novel in November.  It's also the year where I wrote the most, beating 2011's NaNo out of the top spot for "The Most I Have Ever Written on Anything.  Ever." list.

And I mean, I'm sure there's a lot that I can cut.  But when I was around 30,000 words, I was wondering if I could fit everything into 50k.  Turns out, that I could, and more.

So yes.  NaNoWriMo 2012 was a very productive month for me.  It makes me happy that I won so soon, and I love the fact that I was able to push myself to do so.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. That's fantastic. :) Again, congratulations! I basically stayed right on track the entire month, and I won, but my story's not done yet. Now *sigh* finding the motivation to finish it... May I ask when you will be posting excerpts of this intriguing new novel of yours?

  2. Hmm... I might post an excerpt on my next post, but I want it to be something I really like... Maybe when Alanna punched Jethro in the face, that was fun... Or when Alanna was introduced to the kingdom? I'll pick an excerpt, and post it, though! (There's a short one on my NaNo profile, though it's not very interesting.)

  3. Congratulations on writing so much!! That's incredible, really! :)

  4. Congratulations on a productive writing month!

    I did the same thing some time after I'd reached the 50k mark. Probably everyone burns out after a certain point and needs a break.

  5. Congratulations! That's a great word count. I haven't been back to finish off my NaNo novel yet either.