Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Summer Update

Hello all!  As you can see, I updated the blog a bit for Summer.  I don't know how long it'll stay like this-- in the summer, my decisions get a bit flighty, and I may change it around a bit.  Do you like it?

Also, you've seen that I got a new header.  Do you like it?  I couldn't quite decide between the one I've currently got up, and  this one here:


Also, my eighth grade promotion is today, and I got nominated for an award, so... yay!

Really, this post is pointless, just telling you that I updated the background (which you can see).  And that I'm ready for summer.

I'm just going to post this pointless little post now.

The Dandy Lioness


  1. I like the new background! Each of the headers is very summery--I'm a little inclined toward the second because it's so vibrant, but both are good. :)

    Congratulations on being nominated for an award!

  2. I love both the background and the header! I kind of like the header that you have now better, but they're both very lovely. And summery.